Not literally, of course, though I am a pretty good swimmer…except when I was dragged off by a rip tide and had to be rescued by a lifeguard. Now, THAT was embarrassing (and just a tad bit terrifying!)

What I’m talking about is the vast ocean that is online business.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to be overwhelmed by the tidal wave of information, details and – UGH – technology that comes with serving clients and customers online?

I’m a tech geek at heart, but some days, even I want to pour hot coffee on my computer's private parts!

As you sit here reading, you may have questions like, “Where do I even begin?”

Or, “Do I really have to choose a niche…why can’t I serve EVERYBODY?” (When I was starting out, I got stuck on this one, bad!)

Or, “I just want to work with my clients - can somebody please help me take care of all this branding/marketing $H!+ so it’s not taking up so much of my time?!”

Friend, I hear you!!!

To make matters even more interesting, it's in the early years of business when we need the MOST help...and have the LEAST amount of income!

So we try to be resourceful and figure it out by ourselves, one google search or forum question at a time. Maybe we invest in a course that we never complete because it's a million-step program and well...at least we got to step #2....

Is it any wonder we end up paralyzed and/or frustrated and/or in a never-ending loop of learning…while never actually taking enough meaningful ACTION?!

But it doesn’t have to be this way. (Seriously, I promise.)

While I have spent tens of thousands of dollars taking these millions of modules courses (okay, maybe more like 37), I have developed a much quicker, do-as-you-learn system that helps you get $h!t D.O.N.E. quickly and effectively, with plenty of done-for-you resources.

Plus, since I’m thrifty to a fault (but not as thrify as my boyfriend's mom who used to buy him 3-sizes-too-large speedos #therapytopics), nothing makes me happier than to serve as many of my fellow resourceful, bootstrapping entrepreneurs in the most affordable but hugely valuable way possible.

So here I am, a MUCH less sexy version of Pamela Anderson, ready to save you from drowning - in expenses and overwhelm!



The Brand Society, offers the clarity and focus you need to navigate towards online business success.

Inside, you’ll find tools, templates, and step-by-step strategies to create killer branding, marketing materials, and client resources - without loosing your marbles or mortgaging your home.

Plus, you won't be swimming in the deep end alone! Instead, picture yourself surrounded by a supportive community of fellow entrepreneurs, cheering you on and providing valuable advice to as you ride the waves to success.

Learn more about The Brand Society here. Learn more about me below. No more swimming puns, promise.



1) The first language I ever spoke was Greek. Unfortunately, it’s now all Greek to me!

2) I grew up on a game reserve in South Africa. I loved every minute of it (except when there were deadly snakes, scorpions and the occasional bat in my bedroom).

3) My first official job was making smoothies. My second official job was as a news reporter.

4) I used to want to be a cowgirl…just so I could ride horses all day.

5) I feel at home any place where there are palm trees.

6) I’ve been married for 20 years and have three fur babies and one not-so-furry baby…who’s almost taller than me!

7) When I’m concentrating, talking to me is like talking to a wall.

8) I had a major health crisis in my 20s which led me to become a health coach.

9) I have terrible aim. Seriously, DUCK or hide. (Same goes for my singing.)

10) I have changed my hair color more times than I can count...but now, I'm fully embracing the gray, and channeling my inner Khaleesi!



I started my career as a television journalist and reporter in South Africa. After that adventure, I wrote copy for some of the world’s most famous brands (woohoo, free IMAX tickets!) with Publicis Worldwide. Then, after some sad goodbyes, I hopped on a plane and headed to the USA.

In Rhode Island, I started a gig as a television producer, working for PBS and running my own production company on the side. Snagged a bunch of Emmy and Telly Award nominations and wins along the way, as well as an amazing husband who I found in the edit booth – BONUS!

Working with my husband was THE BEST...but we were working too much. I proceeded to burn the candle at both ends, while subsisting on a diet of THE WORST fast-food. Cue major health breakdown! (Which lead to major health education and a reincarnation as a health coach.)

Created a thriving online health coaching practice. Exploded my email list...which made me realize my superpower is branding and marketing. Transitioned into my true love: helping other entrepreneurs plan their marketing strategy and take ACTION!


If you want a simple, step-by-step guide to creating a brand you love, this is it!

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